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Welcome, Poxleitnerds! I'm a huge fan from Ottawa and basically this is my shrine to Lights. She is beyond amazing. Fan since March 2010, blog since September 2011. -:"/9 appreciation.  lurking

Drive My Soul (Demo) — LIGHTS

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Lights: "I wish people understood the value of music" on 

On her first visit to Australia, Lights’ enthusiasm for her music and first Australian tour, supporting The Jezabels, is infectious. She speaks with the confidence and wisdom of a performer well beyond her 25 years, but with a genuine excitement and you can’t help but wish for her to succeed in front of the unfamiliar Australian audiences.

Having charted very successfully back home in Canada (her latest album Siberia came in at #3 behind the ubiquitous Adele and fellow Canadian Feist), the unknown territory that is Australia meant that Lights and her band found themselves in a support slot, something they hadn’t done in a few years. “It is very humbling and it’s a good reminder that you’ve got to keep trying and working to win people over…You’re having an opportunity to appeal to a lot of different people. You can just go up there and do your best and hope that you win some people over”.

Despite this challenge and a limited physical presence in Australia, the fans have come out in droves. They come with banners bearing her name, and have swamped the merch table in between sets for signings. She describes it as a really nice shock.“It kind of reminds me of home in the sense that everyone’s really welcoming and really warm. The shows have been kind of surprising because every night I go to the merch table and there are tons of people waiting who have either been fans for years or brand new, so it’s kind of unexpected that it’s happening here. It’s really cool!”

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Lights by MusicBoxMag on Flickr.

Lights by MusicBoxMag on Flickr.

Lights by MusicBoxMag on Flickr.

Lights by MusicBoxMag on Flickr.

Lights by MusicBoxMag on Flickr.

Lights by MusicBoxMag on Flickr.

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